Demystifying PR / panel discussion – D O N G H I A

Demystifying PR / panel discussion – D O N G H I A

Tuesday, January 21st – 9:31am -12 degrees

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I had a feeling the star power and swank location would generate a lot of attendance. So I made a point of getting to the Donghia Showroom before the 9:30am discussion started.  New York City had just received 8″ of snow the night before, so the 120+ people who made it to the panel discussion had a keen interest in the topic.

Demystifying PR, panel discussion at Donghia in the DDB | Decoration and Design Building – PR Executives Christina Juarez, Elizabeth Blitzer and Michael McGraw provided a bevy of information for those interested in increasing professional visibility . . . . Samantha Snowden did a great job facilitating the conversation which kicked off with a light hearted intro about smoke and mirrors. Many great messages were exchanged: “build your brand then start with PR” mentioned the stylish Christina Juarez. “Network with your peers” chimed Michael McGraw.  Elizabeth Blitzer sited some specific techniques and steps that all design professionals should follow – “professional photographs of your work are just as vital as attending industry events and lectures”.

This was an informative discussion on how to increase professional visibility led by accomplished public relations experts.  Thank you Kate Jerde Cole, Marketing Manager of DDB, The Editor at LARGE and Donghia Showroom for coordinating this informative exchange of valuable marketing tools for all design professionals.

    Panelists– Christina Juarez, Elizabeth Blitzer, Michael McGraw and
    Samantha Snowden
      discussion about the importance of investing in PR
        Samantha Snowden was well prepared with excellent questions –
        Her last question about what each PR Executive charges for 
        services generated a lively discu$$ion 
          Michael McGraw works with the legendary “Stark” company
            I just sent a text message to
            Donghia’s handsome Showroom Director, Tomas Pedro Georgi
              Christina Juarez has been cultivating industry brands for more than
              25 years and remains a game changer in the design industry
                Smart phones were in used for note taking by a large percentage of the audience 
                  The DD Building’s swank Donghia showroom was the location
                  for the “DEMYSTIFYING PR”  discussion early Tuesday morning.
                    Patrick , Dustin, Lisa and Dwayne 
                      Mr. McGraw after his successful panel discussion –
                      mini-me mcgraw standing to his left ???
                        More than 120 attendees packed into the Donghia Showroom 
                        on a blizzard-like Tuesday morning
                          Dustin O’Neal listens carefully to the PR discussion
                            Sometimes the “behind the scenes” is the “power location”
                            Donghia Marketing Manager, Laura Steele- CEO, Andrea Rubelli,
                            DDB Marketing Director, Kate Cole and Marketing Wiz, Stephanie Zullo

                              Tyler Wisler on the phone . . . 

                                Rio Hamilton

                                Rio Hamilton is a business development professional with vast marketing and sales experience.He specializes in brand promotion for the luxury interior design and lifestyle industries. Rio works with companies, individuals and groups on concentrated brand identity and elevation. He has a popular website that chronicles "the who's who" at design and fashion events throughout greater New York.

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