CancerLand star Champagne Joy – Fundraiser No.8

CancerLand star Champagne Joy – Fundraiser No.8

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 7:31pm 84 degrees

It was a hot, heavy, humid night in New York City.  The type of evening where you step outside and instantly become wet ( the unadulterated way). It was not too hot to attend the fund raising event for Champagne Joy.

Champagne Joy is a charming and extremely well connected lady.  My first vision of her was during the Holiday House Press Tour. A giant, framed photograph of this woman with fascinating blue hair and colorful makeup donned in a football uniform (pads and all).  She was not seated in the image…. au contraire .. . . .she was charging forward as if she had made a touch down.  It is a memorable photograph that jet-set designer Ally Coulter displayed in her room at the Breast Cancer Foundation Showhouse in 2013.

Champagne Joy has stage 4 Cancer.  She is the star of her own TV show called “CancerLand”.  Her quest is no different than yours or mine – she wants an extensive good life mixed with lots of laughs.  She wants unconditional love of family and friends.  And, she wants to be cancer-free.  

Her fund raising event at hot spot No.8 – was a chic and sophisticated mix of who’s who in design, fashion and entertainment.  I spied Oscar winning actress Mira Sorvino, Holiday House Maven Iris Dankner, Interior Designer Gregory Allan Cramer, handsome actor Nick Loeb (ex of Sophia Vergara), socialites Jason Bigg and Anne Tack – and that was just upstairs. 

Moet provided the delicious Sparkling Rose and tray pass nibbles were abundant.  The crowd of 270+ enjoyed the jazzy tunes of a live band.

There was a silent auction and live public auction.  But more importantly there was a wonderful energy in the room. That sparkling energy is called Champagne Joy.  Get ready to listen to her own words . . ..

And then it got worse. More bad news after the PET Scan. Another crackly cell to cell call from the oncologist – while I’m again at a loud restaurant – to say the cancer is spreading – treatment is failing – I’m losing the battle. My mind races. My stomach drops. The panic tries to take me before even the cancer can. Every thought is a killer. I can’t get the replay audio out of my head – my dying friend yesterday asking me if I’ve thought of exactly where I want to be when I die and the sound of my crying mother exclaiming, “I refuse to believe this is the end!”. I try to get the Yoga meditation thing to kick in. I can hear my Master, Chrissy’s voice on a loop, “I’m breathing in. I’m breathing out” but she’s got competition today and now I am looking for the bottle of Valium instead. No one can drown out Grace’s angry and devastated plea to God to save her daughter.

      Champagne Joy on the way to her Fundraiser . . . 
        Attorney, Phillip Russell and Champagne ( she is such a good sport )
          Anne Tack and Champagne Joy
            upstairs and the silent auction  .. . . 
              Hello Mira . . . 
                Interior Designers, Gregory Allan Cramer and Deborah Martin
                  Deborah -Greg and Lora Wiley show off some of the silent auction goodies

                      cast of #CancerLand Jason Binn (of DuJour Mag and host of party) – Actress Mira Sorvino
                      – Champagne Joy & Nick Loeb
                        Cast of #CancerLand

                          Jason Binn and Mira Sorvino introduce the live auction . . . .
                          one of the auctioned items was the use of a Paris Penthouse for 1 week. magnifique
                            Oh no, please look this way Mira Sorvino and Iris Dankner . . . 
                              fashion designer Leila . . . .
                                magnificent Michele Becchio
                                  Blogger – Social man about town Miguel Dominguez waits for his cocktail at the bar 
                                    Champagne and Iris deep in conversation 
                                       Gerard Ferrell standing with Champagne

                                          Mira’s husband, Actor Backus and Sopranos star Frederico Collucio
                                            bidding begins at the live auction . . . .
                                              secrets .. . . .
                                                secrets . . . .
                                                  Michael Hall – husband, confidant . . . just a cool guy . . . .
                                                    Fran Baxter receives a nice hug from Champagne Joy’s husband Michael
                                                      huge crowd downstairs as the live auction begins . . . 
                                                      #cancerland #event #citylife #love #champagnejoy

                                                      P. 64

                                                      Rio Hamilton

                                                      Rio Hamilton is a business development professional with vast marketing and sales experience.He specializes in brand promotion for the luxury interior design and lifestyle industries. Rio works with companies, individuals and groups on concentrated brand identity and elevation. He has a popular website that chronicles "the who's who" at design and fashion events throughout greater New York.

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