Hunt Slonem Book Party Extraordinaire

Hunt Slonem Book Party Extraordinaire

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 6:03pm 55 degrees

Hunt Slonem is an American painter, sculptor, and print-maker. He is best known for his Neo-Expressionist paintings of tropical birds, often based on a personal aviary in which he has been keeping from 30 to over 100 live birds of various species. Slonem’s works are included in many important museum collections all over the world including the Guggenheim in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  He is exhibiting regularly at both public and private venues and has received numerous honors and awards.

Born in Maine and the eldest of four children. His father was a Navy officer, and mother – a homemaker who spent much of her time doing volunteer work. As a result of his father’s military career, Slonem’s family moved around frequently. 

It was Slonem’s grandfather who always encouraged young Hunt to paint. “I grew up around painting, and my parents dabbled in painting themselves. I was given paints as a child, and I wanted to be a painter from first grade onwards,” Slonem told the online magazine Art Interview.

Hunt Slonem’s oil paintings pivot between the fantastic and the natural. 

These natural forms ultimately become the subjects for many of his artworks, appearing in large lavishly colored paintings and constructed sculptures. His paintings are layered with thick brushstrokes of vivid color, often cut into in a cross-hatched pattern that adds texture to the overall surface of the painting. Slonem often hides his subjects behind a grid of incised lines, blurring their contours and emphasizing the paint’s tactile quality.

Well, his new book “When Art Meets Design” is a colorful treat for your eyes.  Glorious interiors, beautiful artwork, clever arrangements, 300 big pages of eye candy and thought provoking quotes by Hunt and those who adore him.

The crowd at the book signing celebration was just as colorful as the new coffee table tome.  Autographs and cocktails are made easy at the PLAZA.  The ASSOULINE Bookshop is located on the mezzanine level of the grand historic hotel. I realize now how easy it is for the town-car-driven woman to dash from her car into the hotel up the grand staircase and into the book salon.  There were so many great entrances made by great ladies it was hard to keep up.  I’m speaking of real jewels, gorgeous on-trend bold print ensembles and handbags that have their own twitter page.

The Ladies Who Lunch and the Divas who Direct  – love art and adore art books – and Hunt Slonem’s 
Where Art Meets Design” is one of the best books you’ll find.  I’m not characterizing – I’m just sharing facts . . . .
“art-i-facts”. Oh I’m so clever in Autumn. 

Guests begin to gather at the ASSOULINE  Bookshop
 inside The Plaza Hotel Mezzanine 
Hunt Slonem signing books and sketching pictures 
Marc Haynes (E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Director ASSOULINE)
Dernar Hebert Ann Feldstein Jennifer Powell
 Chris Meigher (QUEST) Beatrice Saffre (Media Manager ASSOULINE)
Stephanie Labeille (VP Global Communications ASSOULINE) 
+ Stephan Kossman (celebrity photographer)
James Agular + Mark Haldeman

Mr. Kravet +Anne Feldstein +Doug Garfinkle + Mrs. Kravet

Romina Djelosevic + Diego Zanatta
Hunt sketches a bunny in his book
Rockell Metcall
S. Epatha Merkerson and friends
Younghye Hwang and friend
Salud + Paul
Jennifer and Stacey 
Mark Chamberlain
Helen + Joanne
Anne Baumgartner+ Karen Boyer
Olivia + Prosper + Sharon
Margo receives a hug and kiss from author Hunt Slonem
Drew McGukin purchased two of the books
“Where ART meets DESIGN”
Hunt Slonem + Bunny Williams + John Rosselli
Ansiri and Dovile
Di Mondo + Margo
Nina Richter +Gilles Guilbert
Olivia + Prosper Assouline

Hunt and Olivia
Austin and Judith Graham

Martine and Olivia
Jean and Brooke Shields
Brooke Sheilds and Martine Assouline
Martine Assouline + Iris Dankner + Ally Coulter
Newell Turner + Ally Coulter + Iris Dankner
Chiu-Ti Jansen

Robert Passal + Friend + Damon Tomas Santiago
P. 75


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