“I am Dandy” – Bergdorf Goodman

“I am Dandy” – Bergdorf Goodman

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    The dandy is back! Today, a certain variety of male is discovering modern dandyism and giving it their own signature look. In this book, photographer  Rose Callahan teams up with writer Nathaniel Adams to document the well-kept lives of 57 dandies.

    Their carefully composed portraits not only depict the clothes, accessories, and the homes of their subjects, they also capture the very essence of their lifestyles.

    Even today,  vanity is frowned upon and lavish grooming is generally deemed to be superficial or unmanly. However, a small but tenacious movement has been defying these social dictates.  The book signing party at Bergdorf Goodman was a Vanity Affair and the newly redesigned 2nd floor hosted more than 250 sophisticates.

       Mike Davis (pg 224), David, Matthew Carl Gale, Dandy Wellington
      (pg 136) and Makeup Artist – Michelle Coursey 
        Party was in full swing and in walked gorgeous Laura Kinsey 
          handsome -Tim Robinson
            “I am Dandy” book features – Patrick McDonald (pg 148) shown here with friends
              Pierre Lenis and Songwriter/singer Donnell Macklin
                Michael with friend – Chuck Pollard, VP Creative for L’OREAL
                  Wearing a Burgundy velvet blazer is photographer, Matthew Brandt and
                  wearing a fox friend is columnist, Kevin Novinski
                    Two dapper gentleman
                      Gary, Richard and Leonard Logsdail
                        Party goers at the “I am Dandy” book signing.  Fyodor Pavlov,and Lawrence Gullo
                        are joined by two friends
                          Musician Dandy Wellington
                            Inspired by the-Big Band Era of Jazz Dandy Wellington and his Band takes the sounds
                             of 1930s and 40s to create a world of well dressed music.
                                Guillermo Martinez (r) and Enrique Crame III (pg 60)
                                  Swank second floor Atrium/balcony inside the Men’s Store “Brioni” at
                                  Bergdorf Goodman . . . . 
                                    Rose Callahan( I’ve got a crush) and Fyodor Pavlov (pg.182)
                                      Author – Nathaniel Adams and Rose Callahan – Photographer
                                        From left : Nancy, Richard, Cathy and David

                                          Callahan began the Dandy Portraits in 2008 as a personal project, trying to capture the modern day version of a dandy. What is fascinating about these portraits is the range in ages and backgrounds. These aren’t just young hipsters trying to be cool. Every man photographed is unique, except for the one thing they have in common, a passion for creating their own personal style and an excess of finery.  For these 21st century dandies, the details of pocket squares, socks, cufflinks, and braces (never suspenders) are essential if one truly wants to be an exquisite gentleman. 

                                          Rio Hamilton

                                          Rio Hamilton is a business development professional with vast marketing and sales experience.He specializes in brand promotion for the luxury interior design and lifestyle industries. Rio works with companies, individuals and groups on concentrated brand identity and elevation. He has a popular website that chronicles "the who's who" at design and fashion events throughout greater New York.

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