The Profile: All about Nile Johnson,
the Design Principal & Creative Director of Nile Johnson Interior Design.  His work has been featured on 
Nile holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and received his Masters in Interior Architecture from Chatham University.
He is an adjunct faculty member in the Interior Design Department at two local colleges. A member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Nile has also recently been named one of the African American Top 20 Interior Designers in the country.
Niletakes pride in his ability to transform spaces by
bringing ideas and inspirations to life. With over a 
decade of experience in the industry, he has 
developed a keen eye for creating aesthetic
functionaland emotional surroundings. Nile is also 
adept at integrating research and analysis into the creative process while cultivating a client’s home or work space. 

His memorable quote offers a bit of insight into the soft spoken gentleman who loves music, pop culture and all aspects of design. “The furniture may be new but the feeling should be nostalgic”, Nile Johnson.  

Interior Designer

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider significant in your career

I came to a decision to walk away from my full time job to pursue my dreams of doing interior design professionally. This continues to be the most significant reward to date.  As far as accomplishments go, I recently completed a full house renovation and design project. For the first African American and second female vice chancellor to reside on the bench, in the history of the Chancery Court of Delaware (which is just one level below the Supreme Court).  The project was fantastic and the client and her family are amazing! Love them! The nicest people ever!!
What are the rewards from your work
Sharing my design vision with my clients and realizing their dream.  A bonus is their glowing referral. But one of my favorite moments is their reaction and happiness at the unveiling of their space. 

          If there was a movie produced about your life –  who would play you
              imgres-1 (1)
                  Which philanthropic organizations have you been connected to

                  TAKE A SEAT

                  Can you share your motto or mantra
                  You get what you give
                  What books are you currently reading

                  The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary
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                       Most Talkative by Andy Cohen


                          Who is your secret celebrity crush

                          What is your favorite time of day

                          anytime after 9pm

                          Do you know your heritage

                          sadly no

                          Are you fluent in other languages

                          brooklyn downtown french

                          Do you follow astrology  What is your zodiac sign

                          I’m big into astrology  – AQUARIUS

                              What would your DJ Name be

                              DJ FFE

                              Do you have a favorite number


                              Do you have a favorite fashion magazine

                              What is your “go-to” fashion brand

                              Hugo Boss and Michael Kors

                                      If we were to peek in your closet, what are the dominant colors
                                      Gray, Black and Navy
                                      What is your present state of mind


                                      It’s 6pm at your favorite bar or restaurant, 
                                      what drink do you order

                                      Side Car Martini

                                          Do you awake with or without an alarm


                                          Do you have a favorite social media outlet

                                          If you could be a background singer, dancer or musician – which entertainer (living or dead) would you choose as the star

                                          background dancer for Beyonce 
                                          CHICAGO, IL - JULY 24:  Beyonce performs onstage during the "On The Run Tour: Beyonce And Jay-Z" at Soldier Field on July 24, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/PW/WireImage for Parkwood Entertainment)
                                            CHICAGO, IL – JULY 24: Beyonce performs onstage during the “On The Run Tour: Beyonce And Jay-Z” at Soldier Field on July 24, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Larry Busacca/PW/WireImage for Parkwood Entertainment)

                                              background singer for Tamia


                                                  What is the last photo you took with your cell phone

                                                  group shot with
                                                  Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper

                                                  Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.15.54 PM

                                                      One of the best lessons my parents taught me is to

                                                      be myself and see others for their character

                                                      What is your favorite work of art

                                                      Prometheus Bound





                                                          What is your favorite building in Manhattan
                                                          Metropolitan Museum of Art 
                                                          I like the history of the Beaux-Arts architecture and how the legendary landmark continues to expand into the largest museum in the United States.


                                                              Nile is returning to Design on a Dime this year as one of the 70 top tier designers creating unforgettable room vignettes 
                                                              with new merchandise, which is donated and then sold for 50 to 70 percent off retail pricing! Nile’s vignette has carpet donated from Stark Carpet, a pair of lounge chairs from Carocole, original art donated from ArtyZen Studios and lighting from LA based design legends “Zia-Priven“.
                                                              ELLE DECOR sponsors the event and calls it an “unmatched shopping opportunity“.  Don’t miss  the 12th annual Design on a Dime Benefit. #doadnyc

                                                              Design on a Dime NYC April 20 – 23, 2016


                                                                  Rio Hamilton

                                                                  Rio Hamilton is a business development professional with vast marketing and sales experience.He specializes in brand promotion for the luxury interior design and lifestyle industries. Rio works with companies, individuals and groups on concentrated brand identity and elevation. He has a popular website that chronicles "the who's who" at design and fashion events throughout greater New York.

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