The Townhouse film captures the vision and collaborative efforts of Architect, Builder, Designer and Client. It explores and documents the philosophy and narrative in stories from the creator’s rebuilding of this extraordinary structure.

“The Townhouse,” is a 12 minute documentary that chronicles the restoration, decoration and renewal of an Upper East Side townhouse.  It premiered July 13 at Sacco Carpet in mid-town New York. Hosted by designer and film principal Sarah Magness, the evening started with a party where special cocktails, champagne and seasoned popcorn were served.  The film was briefly introduced by BAFTA’s debonair Luke Parker Bowles who also served as moderator for the panel discussion after the deluxe doc was shown.

Josh Weiner, Jonathan Robinson, Sarah Magness and Brian E. Boyle answered a bevy of questions and shared wonderful insight into both the making of the film and construction of the 9200 sqft townhouse.  Peppered throughout the crowd were Marc Sacco, Eve Robinson, Josh Weiner, Jr., Kate Kelly Smith, Erik Perez, Adrian Taylor, Julia Foster, Bryan Dicker, Jackson McCard and Kim Steube.

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