artwork by Andrea Selby
Tuesday November 10 2015 5:40pm 66 degrees
part one
Iris Dankner opened the doors of the Academy Mansion and 
hosted her annual Holiday House Gala. Since 2008, Holiday House has grown into a dynamic show house with talented top tier designers using life celebrations as themes for their rooms.  The proceeds benefit breast cancer research.
  This was my first year participating in the challenging task of designing a space within 75 foot wide limestone clad mansion. Each of the 23 rooms is odd in shape, size and detail.  For #hhnyc2015  I was awarded the smallest room in the house –  a 9×6 alcove with cement walls leading to the frequented men’s lounge. The space needed to be chic and functional because its expected – after-all its HOLIDAY HOUSE.  I’ve divided my story into 3 parts. Part One introduces the completed room. eh eh  “re-charging station”. 
The tiny jewel box has been gift wrapped by the Brooklyn based workshop, NAULA using gorgeous silk fabric from Robert Allen Beacon Hill which was also used on the charging boxes – designed for re-charging your phone and mobile devices. 
Leaning in the center of the 9 foot striped wall is an original oil on canvas painting by Andrea Selby which depicts a sophisticated soiree from almost any twentieth century era. The art is framed by Lowy Frame and Restoration in an intricate 18th century French Regence style, which is the transitional period between the Kings Louis XIV and Louis XV.  It is carved from a single piece of oak wood and measures 96″ long and 76″ high.  
The ceiling fixture is the Grand Lotus Chandelier which is made from wrought iron and sheet metal and then skillfully finished in Antique Gold Leaf by Currey & Co.  The striking rug is a hair-on-hide designed by the good people of Rug-ART.  
The superb gold porcelain side table mortar is designed by artist Tucker Robbins and made, dipped and dripped in 24 carat gold in Peru.
The benches are designed by Rio Hamilton and are available in various sizes and finishes.  The gold runner is Metal Velvet from JAB trimmed in gold glass beads from Samuel & Sons.  The black and white Cheetah Velvet is from the wonderfully expansive Robert Allen Beacon Hill collection.
As you can see, it takes a village to pull the smallest room together.  My sincere appreciation ZEL RENOVATIONS and all those who assisted with product placement and personal time.
original art . andrea selby . sale . 14 thousand
18th Century hand carved solid oak frame .
lowy frame & restoration . sale . 75 thousand

Boston Bench w/runner . sale . thirty-two hundred
hair on hide rug. rugartny . sale . five thousand
boston bench . riohamilton . sale . twenty-five hundred
Lotus pendant. currey & co . sale . seventeen hundred
Brad Shar (principal lowy frame & restoration)
+Lisa McMahon (pr & communications)
+Rio Hamilton (business consultant)
Rio Hamilton + Justin Shalius (interior designer HH Alum)
Tamara Matthews Stephenson (textile/interior designer/blog ) 
+ Carrie Schwartz Leskowitz (interior designer/blog)
Marilyn Neilson (socialite) + Barbara Ostrom (interior designer)
on left are the popular recharging boxes for cell phones and mobile devices
Tracy Stern + Jade Dressler + Rio Hamilton + Tyra Bombetto

friend, Kathleen Walsh (HH 2015) + Anthony Hadaway (marketing stephanie odegard )

Beacon Hill silk Cassons Stripe
The fabulous Calder Ladies – Pat and Melanie
Robert Farber (photographer ) + Ally Coulter (interior designer) 
+ Paul Mathieu (furniture designer)
friend +Christina Juarez (cjandco)
Robert Passal (HH 2015)
Anne Rue + Rene Worth 
Robin Baron (asid president interior designer)
Nicole Hadad (design editor ny spaces mag)
light . currey& co . sale . seventeen hundred
hair on hide rug. . sale . five thousand
Mia Gargiulo (principal cinar carpets)
+ Ahmet Cinar (principal cinar carpets)

Allison Eden (mosaic designer)

18th Century Hand Carved French Frame. 75 thousand @ Lowy Frames & Restoration

gold mortar. tucker robbins . sale . thirty-two hundred

Stephanie Cain (marketing HH) reveals the Cheetah Velvet 
under the gold runner

Champagne Joy (tv personality) + Michael Hall (cool personality)
team Lladro
Walls. upholstered by Naula. Beacon Hill Cassons Stripe

Danielle + Nicole – the lovely Dankner daughters

Igor + Connie + Marco + Ally + Lidwine
standing on Rio’s new ‘Boston Bench’ only allowed for Ally
Robert Farber (photographer) + Andrea Selby (artist)
original art by Andrea Selby . sale .14 thousand  

Jeanette Hubley + Summer Kath
hand carved 18th Century frame . lowy . 75 thousand

Paul + Rio + Natalie + Jill + Ally + Iris + Eric
Jenny + Darrin + Stephanie + Iris 
+ Michelle + Lisa + Michael + Angel 
Queen Iris and her Court

@vogueliving @nytimesstyle @JAB @FendiCasa +Annie Watt  +Alan Barry 

Rio Hamilton

Rio Hamilton is a business development professional with vast marketing and sales experience.He specializes in brand promotion for the luxury interior design and lifestyle industries. Rio works with companies, individuals and groups on concentrated brand identity and elevation. He has a popular website that chronicles "the who's who" at design and fashion events throughout greater New York.




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Rococo Design Celebrates 20 Years

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