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    ASSOULINE Publishing celebrated the New York launch of Flowers: Art and Bouquets at Ovando Studio.  Among the stylish guests was talented Interior Designer Carlos Mota, who wrote the foreword of the book.  
    Flowers: Art & Bouquets showcases a glorious profusion of floral images and interpretations across a spectrum of artistic media and time periods. Design writer Sixtine Dubly chronicles the evolution of floral design in this remarkable compilation, which also features stunning work by more than forty contemporary floral artists in London, Paris, and New York, from minimalist to elaborate. This treasury of gorgeous imagery blooms in resplendent color before the reader’s eyes. 




        The Ovando Studio was decorated with designs of privet branches, hydrangea, sunflowers and a bevy of colorful stems in tall vases.  At 90 Maiden Lane, the Financial District Flower Studio mixed votive candles and purple linens to highlight the colorful hardcover and celebrate the tome of blooms.
          OVANDO Studio celebrates FLOWERS: Art and Bouquets
            90 Maiden Lane  – chic location for Ovando Studio
            Present to celebrate the launch of the book were authors, actors, photographers, socialites, and bloggers, including Carlos Mota, Ansel Elgort, Martine Assouline, Alexandre Assouline, Gilles Bensimon (who is responsible for the botanical cover), Maurizio Bussolari, Juliana White and Fatima Yusuf.
            The talented culinary artists at Neuman’s Kitchen prepared and served mini bites that were beyond delicious. Guests enjoyed mini Montauk lobster roll, tuna tartare, mini BLT, truffle grilled cheese, passion fruit snobinettes (I had plenty of those) and more.  I don’t normally break for commercials mid story but Neuman’s was that good.
                business card from Neuman’s Kitchen
                is actually a sweet macaron disguised as
                a mini burger 
                Thank you Jennifer Dorre COO of the Ovando Team and international publisher Assouline – your flower power book event was flourishing.
                    party scene at Ovando for new book ‘Flowers: Art and Bouquets’ 
                      Bjorn Wallander + Esther Kremer + Deirdre Lewis
                        Courtney Baldwin + Donnell Baldwin
                          Fatima Yusuf  + Juliana White + Amane Zerradi

                              Natalia + Andrea + Alexandra

                                Maurizio Bussolari
                                  Carlos Mota + Rio Hamilton
                                    #assouline #mota #elgort
                                      Nicholas Rytting + pretty friend
                                        Alexandre Assouline + pretty lady
                                          Devon Powell + Mauricio Rodriguez
                                            Martine Assouline + Carlos Mota
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