HIGH STYLE at 2018 Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala

HIGH STYLE at 2018 Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala

HIGH STYLE at 2018 Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala

    HIGH STYLE at  Lenox Hill

    Since others are going ‘high’  – I chose to go ‘low’ with my 2018 Lenox Hill tabletop decor. Each year, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House’s annual gala enlists 35+ designers to orchestrate remarkable tablescapes for its black-tie dinner/gala. This year’s group of talented creatives designed some of the tallest tablescapes I’ve ever seen. #highstyle

    Those of us who participated were given a 10-top round table with chairs and the theme “Make a Splash” for inspiration. I stayed true to the theme and had a wonderful water splash plexiglass centerpiece made by trending furniture/accessory maker LAMOUJeremy Silva‘s HONUA – added colorful, glass vessels that came adorned with their own earth/sea effects. Christofle the manufacturer of fine silver flatware and home accessories based in France – displayed gorgeous, etched silverware created by Dutch Design phenom Marcel Wanders. We doubled down on the napkins using a brilliant blue called Provocation from Robert Allen / Beacon Hill on the plates.  Under the plates lay a classic, checkered pattern from FRETTE, the Italian luxury textile company.

      Rio Hamilton Table for Lenox Hill 2018 featuring Beacon Hill – FRETTE – Christofle – Honua

      On the morning of the event, designers and their teams were arranging flowers, building contraptions, steaming slipcovers, folding napkins and re-arranging it all over again! There is a ‘fun chaos’ and  ‘happy moments’ as each table adopts its own personality inside the historic and expansive Cipriani event space on 42nd Street in Manhattan. PRESS began taking photos about 3 pm, most designers were back at their offices, changing into evening apparel or at therapy.

      6 pm was the meetup time for a handful of designers who were having photos taken by Kyle Caldwell.  I arrived about 6:25 pm just in time to see Peti Lau dressed in a flawless gown and posing for photos.  Moments later Kyle pointed his lens at me and I did an impeccable diva drop – my back was arched, my left leg extended and my palms were flat on the floor. Ok, no diva drop but I did get a nice photo from Kyle.

        Rio Hamilton photograph by Kyle Caldwell (KJC)
          Peti Lau

          Lenox Hill Neighborhood House is one of New York’s premier nonprofit organizations, begun 120 years ago. Each year, the board of the house, which provides aid and programming to those in need on New York’s Upper East Side.

          Guests at the cocktail hour before the dinner were dressed in black tie apparel.   The evening was glamorous and attended by the who’s chic of the design industry, generations of altruistic volunteers and members.  It began at 7 with cocktails and a preview of the designer tables. Dinner was served at 8:30.

          Each of this year’s tables showed terrific innovation, a few captured the attention of the PRESS. Here’s a link to AD PRO’s Best Tables and Quintessence’s 2018 story. We are honored to be mentioned in both.

            close up of Jeremy Silva’s glass vessel photograph by Kyle Caldwell (KJC)
              Susan Young + Tamara Stephenson – Root Cellar Designs -Lenox Hill 2018
                Rio Hamilton + Christina Juarez + Harry Heissmann – Lenox Hill Gala 2018
                  Roric Tobin for Bradfield & Tobin
                    Jenny Dina Kirschner
                      Kristen McCory
                        Lenox Hill 2018 – friend + Vincente Wolf + Suzanne Sokolov
                          Jenny Dina Kirschner + her husband and daughters Minnie and LuLu.
                            Lenox Hill Gala 2018 – Jonathon Savage + Travis Hill + Ryen Baggett + Jamie Drake
                                Peti Lau
                                  Gather & Serve
                                    MA Allen
                                      Nicole Fuller
                                        Alexander Yulish
                                          Lenox Hill Gala 2018 friend + Alberto Villalobos + friend + Christina Juarez
                                            Justin Concannon + Roric Tobin
                                              Natalie Kraiem
                                                Hunt Slonem
                                                  Virgina Pittman + Michael McGraw + David Duncan
                                                    Scott Valentine + Von Conordy
                                                      Louis Rodriguez + Vivienne Jurado
                                                        2018 Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala at Cipriani
                                                          2018 Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala at Cipriani


                                                            Rio Hamilton

                                                            Rio Hamilton is a business development professional with vast marketing and sales experience.He specializes in brand promotion for the luxury interior design and lifestyle industries. Rio works with companies, individuals and groups on concentrated brand identity and elevation. He has a popular website that chronicles "the who's who" at design and fashion events throughout greater New York.

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