Anahi DeCanio – Unconditional

    Anahi DeCanio is a multidisciplinary artist using mixed media, photography, collage and digital tools as a form of expression. Her influences are as varied as the art she creates.    Anahi has a rich history of art and culture and has garnered well-respected press reviews and awards for her canvas paintings and scenic photography.

    Born in Uruguay, she came to NY as a child and felt immediately at home. Her personal style and friendly persona give nod to a South American sophistication. Her long thick hair is generally coiffed over a colorful neck scarf or beautiful jewelry.  She’s personable yet formal and gives you the feeling that you can say anything without judgment. Her work has been exhibited internationally in various prestigious venues and has appeared on the big and small screens upon movie sets and television stages.

    Anahi’s photography has been featured in various publications, including, most notably, Time Magazine.  She is a mom, dog lover, dune dweller, creative director of ArtyZen Homes and founder of eARThHAMPTONS.

    Anahi combines her art and design worlds with her background in finance – she also works as a licensed real estate agent with Douglas Elliman.

      Anahi DeCanio – Fire and Ice


        Anahi DeCanio – The Movement
          iPhone Case – by Earth HAMPTONS

            Occupation & Location – Artist – Real Estate Advisor – Matchmaker – Entrepreneur – Curator

            The moment you knew you wanted to be connected to the art and design world -The first time I got to choose how to decorate my room at 11.

            Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be most significant in your career – Having work featured in The New York Times and Time magazine was thrilling but hoping my best project is not done yet.

            What are elements of your signature style – I’m eclectic but zen landscapes that are uplifting in message and tone are my most predominant features.

              Anahi DeCanio – Always Yes
                Anahi DeCanio – Gold Dust

                What philanthropic organizations have you been connected to – Reach U, Housing Works, Breast Cancer Awareness, St. Jude, L.I. Cares, Project Most, Stop Violence Against Women.

                  Are you a night owl or a morning person – I have a full schedule so I do both depending on the particular project. 

                  What kitchen utensil do you use most frequently – my pizza cutter


                    Describe your perfect pizza – Home-made following my mom’s tradition -thin crust with sweet garlic & basil and whatever fresh ingredients are at hand.

                      Who is your secret celebrity crushSting

                        Sting, is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. He was the principal songwriter, lead singer, and bassist for the new wave rock band the Police from 1977 to 1985, and launched a solo career in 1986.
                          In addition to his musical career, Sting has been active in human rights and other social issues. He and his wife, Trudie Styler, have been married since 1992. The couple has four children. Sting also has two other children from his first marriage.

                          What time of day were you born – Evening not sure about the exact time.

                            Which languages do you speak – English and Spanish  

                            Do you follow astrology –  What is your zodiac sign – Not really, sometimes for fun – I’m a Gemini

                              What would your DJ Name be – Charrua!

                              How many pairs of shoes do you own – now we’re getting really personal!

                              Do you have a favorite fashion magazine – I’m a bit of a magazine addict and can’t commit!

                                If we were to peek in your closet, the dominant color would be – Black and Black

                                  What is your present state of mind – Nostalgic . . .


                                    It’s 6 pm at your favorite bar or restaurant, what drink do you order – Cosmo

                                      Do you awake with or without an alarm – Sleep? What’s Sleep? No alarm

                                      What’s your favorite social media outlet Instagram

                                        What song is ready to play on your playlistA mi Gente by (Uruguayan) El Sabalero

                                          What is the last photo you took with your cell phone – my feet on Jackson Pollock’s paint covered studio floor near East Hampton

                                            One of the best lessons my parents taught me is to . . . persevere.

                                            What is your favorite work of art – anything by Basquiat moves me to tears … every time.

                                              Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist. Basquiat first achieved fame as part of SAMO, an informal graffiti duo who wrote enigmatic epigrams in the cultural hotbed of the Lower East Side of Manhattan


                                                Bird on Money, 1981
                                                  Philistines painting – Jean-Michel Basquiat

                                                  What is your favorite building in ManhattanGrand Central Station – inside and out.

                                                    New York City’s Grand Central Terminal is one of the nation’s most cherished transit hubs. The station is not only architecturally stunning but also heavily used by the region. More than 750,000 subway and train commuters pass through its halls every day
                                                      A group of preservationists — aided by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis — battled with the developers, and on June 26, 1978, the Supreme Court ruled that any proposal to tear down the terminal would be denied. The decision set a precedent for other historic buildings across NYC.



                                                        Rio Hamilton

                                                        Rio Hamilton is a business development professional with vast marketing and sales experience.He specializes in brand promotion for the luxury interior design and lifestyle industries. Rio works with companies, individuals and groups on concentrated brand identity and elevation. He has a popular website that chronicles "the who's who" at design and fashion events throughout greater New York.

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