New York Men’s Fashion

    Times Square, Central Park, The High Line. All great attractions but I’ve been bouncing in and out of some extraordinary locations to attend amazing events which have made the Summer of 2019 a cool, cool Summer.

    Agentry PR is the organizer of New York Men’s Day. The showcase for emerging designers shifted dates and took place ahead of the men’s shows in London, Florence, Milan and Paris. And, that’s not all . . . NYMD was held at Daylight Studios next to the newly opened Hudson Yards complex on the West Side of Manhattan.

    Fashion houses – Timo Weiland, Absym, Feign, David Hart, AMIROK along with Sperry the American footwear brand, returned as a Sponsor for the popular CFDA appointed event. New York’s fashion enthusiasts had a choice of seeing the morning presentation at 10:30 am or the cocktail hour presentation which began at 3 pm.

    Erin Hawker, founder of Agentry arranged for the shows to be held on two floors of Daylight Studios. We took the old skool freight elevator to the top and then twerked our way down the crowded back staircase to view each of the fashion presentations. For Models, walking a runway is becoming rare – more often they stand and pose while fashion journalists, influencers and trendsetters photograph the new collections and flirt. Maybe it was just me who was flirting . . .

      AMIROK – New York Men’s Day.
        New York Men’s Day.- AMIROK
          Timo Weiland New York Men’s Day.
            Sperry@ New York Men’s Day.


              Wil Weiss photos

              Lizzie Gill is a mixed media artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Her work explores themes of retro Americana in a contemporary context. Through a variety of mediums, she illustrates a time warp, composed of everyday life, human agency and the disingenuous.

              It makes sense Lizzie who is adorably chic and connected would have her Art Exhibition at the Montauk Beach House. MBH is kind of a cool, motel, hotel, holiday inn that has a sultry vibe and an attractive crowd. Now, I wanna beach house, bungalow, thang . . . .filled with Lizzie’s art, of course.

              Here’s what’s up with the Montauk Beach House . . .

                  MONTAUK BEACH HOUSE
                    Peter Kubilus + Tamara Stephenson + Lizzie Gill + Rio Hamilton + Helen Kubilus
                      Art Reception for Lizzie Gill at Montauk Beach House
                        Art Reception for Lizzie Gill at Montauk Beach House
                          Cacio e Pepe, 2017 – Lizzie Gill

                            SILVERLINING celebrated Summer on the rooftop at The Nomad Hotel with co-sponsors Apollo Electric + Benjamin Moore + e-home and Royal Green Appliance. The who’s who of the design and architecture world gathered at the elegant, beaux-arts inspired toit on a perfectly clear and comfortable evening. Photos courtesy of Kevin Lau for Business of Home

                              The NoMad
                                Josh Wiener of SilverLining Inc. and Rio Hamilton. 
                                  Molly Miller and Traci Shemonoski of co-sponsor, Royal Green, with Paul Alter of Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership & Josh Wiener of SilverLining Inc.
                                    Jason Chadda of SilverLining UK, Ben Burley of SilverLining Inc. with Olivia Powers, April Watters & Nicholas Deramo of Ingrao, Inc.
                                      Vinny Carle of co-sponsor Benjamin Moore, George Oliphant of NBC Universal and Rodger Lippman of Benjamin Moore
                                        Adam Rolston of INC Architecture & Design, Alam Barlis of BarlisWedlick Architects and Kristin LaBuz of Open House New York. 
                                          Steve Feldman of Renovation Angel, Kristin Liebowitz of SilverLining Inc. and David Leff of Mitsui Fudosan.
                                            Alina Pimkina and Julien Albertini of Asthetique Group with Annie Block of Interior Design Magazine. 
                                              Elis Shin & William Hunter of Open House New York with Anne Lewison of Perkins + Will.
                                                Sabrina Fierman of New York’s Little Elves, Wiley Kidd of Miriam Ellner and Olivia Powers of Ingrao, Inc. 

                                                  The New York Botanical Garden is an iconic living museum garden located in the Bronx, New York City. The 250-acre site’s verdant landscape supports over one million living plants in extensive collections. It is a National Historic Landmark which was established in 1891. The Boy Scout shirt seemed apropos . . .

                                                    Rio Hamilton

                                                    Rio Hamilton is a business development professional with vast marketing and sales experience.He specializes in brand promotion for the luxury interior design and lifestyle industries. Rio works with companies, individuals and groups on concentrated brand identity and elevation. He has a popular website that chronicles "the who's who" at design and fashion events throughout greater New York.

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