What do Queen Elizabeth, Marilyn Monroe, Sir Winston Churchill, Chelsea Handler, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West all have in common? They’ve all slept on Savoir mattresses. First created for The Savoy Hotel in London in 1905, Savoir’s tailor-made beds have become almost as legendary as the newsmakers who have slept in them. Sleep is a luxury that most people take for granted.  We’ve all done it –  gone days without a good night’s sleep.  Worked out project details in our head while pretending to sleep.

What would life be like if you had a mattress, pillows and linen that allowed you to sleep beautifully?

Savoir bed called "Amelia"
    Savoir bed – “Amelia”

    Everybody sleeps differently, it’s a myth that one size fits all. Why would one mattress feel the same for a 120-pound woman (yes, that’ you dear) and a 250-pound man? It’s important to factor in things such as a person’s natural sleeping position and general preferences from previous mattress experiences – something Savoir bears in mind.

    Savoir bed - "Felix"
      Savoir bed – “Felix”

      Think about it, you should be spending 7-9 hours on your mattress each night, which makes it an important lifestyle choice. You want to invest in something that will give you better sleep, instead of being spartan and buying a mattress that is not right for your body.

      I have a friend who visits a chiropractor twice a month and often suffers from frequent back pain.  She refuses to consider replacing her mattress because its only 3 years old and she paid almost 5 thousand.  Ummm, she paid more  for her occasional tote bag or those thigh-high, pointy toe boots we see once or twice a year. But, I digress.

      Savoir beds can be made to any size or shape. They can feature a bespoke headboard or made to fit into an existing frame. The very best, breathable natural materials are used to make their beds, because research and experience shows this gives the best results.


        Natural fibers help regulate body temperature year-round and improve the quality of REM sleep


          Your sleep is essential, so make sure you are getting a mattress that will improve your sleep, not make it worse. In today’s fast-paced, always-connected, perpetually-harried and sleep-deprived world, our need for a good night’s sleep is more fundamental – and elusive than ever.

          Many sleep recipes rely on medication, I’m not pointing fingers –  just sayin !  Our addictions (whether medication or technological) can disrupt our sleep and interfere with our sweet dreams.

          Feng Shui suggests . . .

          A wooden framed bed is always better for you as a metal bed frame may have some residual magnetism for the manufacturing process. This can cause a disruptive EMF (Elecrto magnetic field)
          If possible avoid storing anything under the bed as this can disrupt your sleep.  I had a client once who stored all of her divorce papers under her bed…!)
          Be careful what your bed faces when you go to sleep and when you awake? Soothing and peaceful visuals are generally nice to relax by.
          I was introduced to Savoir Beds by my good friend Cannon Schaub.  She has an elegant, bespoke collection of luxury brands for the home called ‘Crave Collective‘ and Savoir SoHo has wisely selected her as a Brand Ambassador.  Savior SoHo has been fluffing up everywhere – Wall Street Journal + Holiday House Hamptons (Wesley Moon) + New York Times + Elle Decor and that’s just over the summer.  Designers, Editors and Home Owners all appreciate that each component of a Savoir bed has a registered number and bears the artisan’s signature – everything is done by hand – even the stitching.


            JUNE 2016 – Wesley Moon‘s Bed for Holiday House Hamptons 2016


              JULY 2016 -“ME” sponsored a breakfast event focused on sleep and beauty


                JULY 2016 – Savoir SoHo hosts breakfast for beauty editors


                  Savoir Beds No. 1 Mattress




                    Savior SoHo is a peaceful and elegant showroom – their Greene Street location is #allaboutthebed. They have a wonderful concierge service that offers mattress flipping, then remaking the bed with your chosen fresh linen.  One of the great things about this service is being able to try different pillows with your own bed.  Testing a pillow while standing up and squeezing it may not be effective- hands generally don’t need a pillow unless they have to balance a big ring. Laying on your own mattress to try a variety of pillow fills can change your perspective on comfort and customer service instantly.
                    Did I mention the boomerang pillow?  That’s my nickname for it cause it is shaped like a boomerang.  It is made for people who sleep on their side and patented by Savoir Beds.  It is divine – I could go on and on – but its nap time and I’ve just been flipped.

                    Rio Hamilton

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